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Camp Moose on the Loose Logo & Print License <br>VBS 2018
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DIGITAL $29.99

Camp Moose on the Loose Logo & Print License
VBS 2018

Need to professionally print the VBS logo on T-shirts? Acquire a license and print-ready PDF fil...

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Giant Ant Farm <br>VBS 2018
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978-1-629-40205-5 GIFTS, AWARDS, & MORE! $24.99

Giant Ant Farm 
VBS 2018

Ants always seem to find their way to a camp picnic! Includes 2 bags of tunneling sand, 1 tunnel...

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Black Bear Play Set <br>VBS 2018
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978-1-629-40831-6 GIFTS, AWARDS, & MORE! Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $5.99

Black Bear Play Set 
VBS 2018

Includes a tent, a black bear, a man, a motorbike, and accessories. Bear: 5½". Man: 4". Motorbik...

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Coonskin Hat <br>VBS 2019
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978-1-629-40814-9 APPAREL $12.99

Coonskin Hat 
VBS 2019

Use as a prop for photographs, keep several in a costume box with other western gear, and give a...

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Flower Press & Nature Cards <br>VBS 2018
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978-1-629-40811-8 GIFTS, AWARDS, & MORE! $15.99

Flower Press & Nature Cards 
VBS 2018

This complete set features a wooden flower press, blotting paper, watercolor paints, a paintbrus...

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Inflatable Raccoons <br>VBS 2018
978-1-629-40803-3 DECORATIONS Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.99

Inflatable Raccoons 
VBS 2018

Let the little ones name their own raccoons. Bring them out for play or use them as decorations....

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Plush Happy Campers <br>VBS 2018
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978-1-629-40825-5 GIFTS, AWARDS, & MORE! Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $10.99

Plush Happy Campers 
VBS 2018

Pkg. of 12

Perfect, inexpensive giveaway or prize! T-shirt says, “Happy C...

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