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Feathers the Puppet
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978-1-60776-740-4 PUPPETS $19.99

Feathers the Puppet

This is one fun feathered friend all your explorers will love. He has a workable mouth for zinging one-liners, welcoming students to VBS, and saying whatever you want him to say. 22". Visit for details about Arrow Island: Choosing God's Way.

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Astro the Puppet <br>VBS 2015
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978-1-60776-901-9 PUPPETS $15.99

Astro the Puppet
VBS 2015

This astronaut is suited up and ready to go. Workable mouth. 24".

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Finnegan Fox Puppet <br>VBS 2017
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978-1-62940-277-2 PUPPETS $21.99

Finnegan Fox Puppet
VBS 2017

Has a workable mouth. 23".

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Tracker the Dog – Puppet<BR><span style="color:red">ON SALE</span>
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978-1-60776-573-8 PUPPETS $10.99
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