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God Gives More Grace
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978-1-62940-955-9 Topical $18.99

God Gives More Grace

Walking With God Through Life's Trials

You get over one flood and another one hits.

Life is full of struggles, but God is full of grace.  How do believers grasp that grace?  And what about God's promise to give greater grace? This study of James 4:5-10 helps believers discover how to experience God's grace in its fullness.

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Big Fish Bay<br>KJV VBS Intro Kit
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978-1-64213-318-9 Director Resources $124.99

Big Fish Bay
KJV VBS Intro Kit

Directors Intro Kit containing many items for Big Fish Bay!

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Basic Bible Truths
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978-0-87227-007-7 Discipleship Tools $2.99

Basic Bible Truths

Designed for discipleship. Covers basic doctrines, Bible study, and memorization. Offers guidance for victorious living.

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It's Grow Time <br>Year 1 Bible Timeline Collector Cards
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978-1-60776-661-9 Collector Cards $9.99

It's Grow Time
Year 1 Bible Timeline Collector Cards

Key people and events through the Bible on the front, with timeline, key Bible facts, and trivia on the back. Pkg. of 18 ò Series 1 of 3 (Plus bonus card)

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Detectives TruthBook <br>Level 3 Book 1 – ESV
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978-1-62940-346-5 Student Book $11.99

Detectives TruthBook
Level 3 Book 1 – ESV

This book contains themes 1-6 in an exciting format for kids!

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Pre-Primary Student Book <br>Winter 2019 – KJV
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978-1-64213-406-3 Student Book $3.99

Pre-Primary Student Book
Winter 2019 – KJV

The Pre-Primary student book is a valuable learning tool to use in your class time every Sunday....

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How Does God See Me? <br>Junior High Student Devotional Booklet <br>Winter 2019
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978-0-87227-517-1 Student Book $4.49

How Does God See Me?
Junior High Student Devotional Booklet
Winter 2019

  • Daily devotions to prepare students for the lesson
  • Weekly memory verse
  • Articles to enco...

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  • Horizons <br>Winter 2019
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    978-1-64213-450-6 Take Home Papers $3.59

    Winter 2019

  • A weekly publication to help adults build their lives by the Book
  • Biblically based features...

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